The symbol of the park is the monument. The monuments theme idea is "World Peace", and it is to convey the message of peace sent by the people of Yaotsu to the people of Japan and the world.

The monument is made from one of the major industries of the Tokai Region of Japan, ceramics. It resembles a pipe organ, and is run by computer software that control the water fountain, the lightening and the music. Every hour, the monument rises to life with a dazzling performance of all combined. The musical pieces were written especially for the monument and they are called "A Prayer for Peace".
The monument is made from 160 pipes, the tallest one as tall as 6.85m, the diameter is 10m, and it is in the shape of a half circle.

When the park was opened, an orchestra has played the monuments tunes at the opening ceremony.
The "Prayer For Peace" Monument.

Shaped to resemble the piles of visas Sugihara has issues, pointing out into the sky and over looking the beauty of Yaotsu, and the world, is this monument. As a reflection to the message of love Mr. Sugihara has thought us, at the top of each stature is a bell. Visitors, who wish to, can sound the bell, thus sending their message of Love, Peace & Friendship to the world and to the next generations.
The Hill of Humanity Head Stone.

Was placed when the beginning of construction ceremony was held with the attendance of the Gifu Prefecture Governor.