On June 21st 1991, we the people of Yaotsu, the home town of the late Mr. Chiune Sugihara, have decided to establish the "Chiune Sugihara Memorial Foundation", in commemoration to his meritorious service to Mankind.
Following that, we have begun the construction of a memorial park, which was complete in 1994. The park is named "Jin Do No Oka" which means "The Hill Of Humanity". Afterwards, the foundation has started the planning and then construction of the "Sugihara Chiune Memorial Hall" itself.
Mr. Sugihara, by setting aside his and his family's own interests and safety, has, by saving all those lives, thought us that there is nothing more valuable then life itself.
The Yaotsu born diplomat, who was the Japanese Consul in Lithuania, during the time WW2 tore Europe apart, did not let this events, as well as opposing his own governmentŐs direct orders, stand in the way of fulfilling his responsibility as a human being toward other human beings, thus, under extreme conditions, he has saved 6000 precious lives.
Recognizing this great deed by Sugihara, both Israeli and Lithuanian governments has honored Mr. Sugihara in different many ways. The Lithuanian government has even named a street in Kaunas, "Sugihara Street". In Japan as well, various television and radio programs had broadcasts on the issue. Numerous newspaper and magazine articles have been published. Japanese high school students study the subject in their curriculum. In Japan, Mr. Sugihara's deeds are regarded in the highest esteem.

In tribute to Mr. Sugihara's great spirit and the commemoration of his great deeds, in wishing that this will be a place where a message of peace and love would be sent through out the world for the benefit of our's, and future generations, the town of Yaotsu, by the year 1994, has built on a plot of land, sized at 40,000m2 and at the cost of 650 million yen (about 6 million USD), the "Hill Of Humanity" park.
Furthermore, the "Sugihara Chiune Memorial Foundation", with the approval and help of many people, along the daily management of the memorial site has decided to further expand it. Future plans consist with constructing a training and research center, a lodging place for visitors, a center for cultural exchange, and many more other projects which will magnify and expand the virtuous legacy Mr. Sugihara has left us.
In striving for this goal, we are expanding a humble wish and our gratitude to anyone who might be interested in seeing such a project come to life, and asking for your understanding and help in any way you see fit.
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Yaotsu Town Hall
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Fax Num: 81-574-43-0969
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