Chiune Sugihara was born on January 1st 1900 to an ordinary, hard working family, to father Kosui and mother Yatsu, in Kitayama, Yaotsu.
At school, his favorite subject was English, and that was also his dream, he wanted to become an English teacher. Alas, life was hard in those days, a specially for his family since his father, who was a public servant, had to travel and move with his family from time to time. Seeing that becoming an English teacher is not a possibility, he applied for the Foreign Ministry sponsored, over sea's exchange studies. He was accepted on the program and was sent to the Japanese university in Harbin, China. There, he decided to study Russian language and culture, and soon enough became one of the leading experts on Russia in Japan. These studies are believed to be one of the main reasons for his interest in other peoples and his love for humans for being humans.

In the picture you can see the Sugihara family. Standing in the middle of the second row is Chiune himself.