In 1947, after two years in a Soviet POW camp, he came back to Japan with his wife Yukiko and two sons. Some time after he was summoned to the Foreign Ministry whence he was dismissed from the office on the charge of acting against orders during the war.

In 1968, a Jewish visitor has come to Mr. Sugihara's home. He was holding an old visa issued by Sugihara. He was one of the survivors. With tears in his eyes he said, "Mr. Sugihara we haven't forgotten you". Sugihara is revered as a saint in the eyes of the Jewish People.

In the picture: A reunion. Zorach Warhafteeg, a survivor that turned to be the Israeli Minister of Religious affairs with his savior. Sugihara's visit to Israel (1969).
Acknowledgements received from the Israeli Government

In 1969, Sugihara received from Zorah Warhafteeg, the Minister of Religious Affairs an award honoring him as a savior in times of distress.
In 1974 he received the "Benefactor For Founding The State Of Israel" award.
In 1985 he received from the Israeli Holocaust Memorial, the "Yad Va Shem" Institute, and from the Israeli Government, the "Righteous Among Nations" award. This award is the way Israel Honors all those who helped Jews during the holocaust.
In 1986, he has passed away at his home in Kamakura. He was 86 years old.

In the picture: with wife Yukiko at their home in Kamakura.