Born on January 1st , to a Kosui (F) & Yatsu (M) in Yaotsu, Gifu prefecture, Central Japan. Was the second son in the family. He passed his first years in Yaotsu, but due to the nature of his fatherŐs work, the family has changed itŐs residence several times.
Graduated from Daigo Highschool in Aichi Prefecture. His father wanted him to enroll in the Keijo Medical School, but on the application test, he turned in a blank answer sheet and failed.
Enrolled at Waseda University but in 1919 he applied for the Foreign Affairs Ministry's Exchange Student Program, and was sent to Harbin as an exchange student.
Posted as a clerk for Foreign Affairs at the Japanese Embassy in Manchugwo ( The prewar Manchurian Puppet State) in February. Transferred to Harbin on December.
Became the commissioner of correspondence in the foreign affairs ministry of Manchugwo. In the following year he was appointed as negotiator with the Russians upon the matter of installing the North Manchuria Railroad. In 1935, the agreement between the negotiating states came to existence.
Was ordered to take a new post in the Soviet Union, but the Soviets have refused this appointment. Instead, he was sent to serve at the Japanese legation in Helsinki, Finland.
Was ordered to establish a consulate in the Lithuanian capitol, Kaunas.
In July, he started issuing transit visas in large quantities for Jews fleeing the Nazi persecution. He was able to continue until the 26th of August. He issued about 2139 transit visas through Japan.
On the 29th of August, the Japanese Consulate was closed down.
On the 5th of September, he left for his new post in Berlin.
After a while, he was appointed as General Consul in Prague, Czechoslovakia.
On the 28th of February he was ordered to take the post of General Consul in Konisberg, Germany. On November he was moved again to Bucharest, Rumania.
Was imprisoned in a Soviet POW camp in the outskirts of Bucharest.
Came back to Japan on April. Was retired from office on June.
Was appointed as head of office, in the Moscow branch of a Japanese trading firm. After that he worked in two more Moscow branches of different Japanese companies.
Sugihara was approached by one of his survivors, Mr. Nishri.
In a visit to Israel, one of his survivors who became the Minister For Religious Affairs of Israel, Mr. Zorach Warhaftig, has awarded him with a State Medal of Honor.
Mr. Sugihara has retired from active work.
The State of Israel and the "Yad Va Shem" Holocaust Memorial in Jerusalem, has awarded him the "Righteous Among Nations" title. He was the first and only Japanese person, to receive that title.
Mr. Sugihara passed away, on the 31st of July, in his home at Kamakura, Kanagawa Prefecture.